On the first of July I will be heading to Denver for the annual Cherry Creek Art Festival sponsored by the Denver Arts Council.  It is an amazing event, with 350,000 people attending over a three day period.  This is the second year that I have been accepted to be in this show.  About 3500 artists from all over the country apply every year, but only 234 are selected.  The jury process for this show is one of the toughest because it has very sophisticated clientele.  The wearable art category was added recently and this year there are only five wearable artists in the show.  I am one of them.

busy getting ready for Denver

busy getting ready for Denver

This year I have also been selected (with a total of only 27 aritsts) to be part of a preview show at the art patrons gala event held on Thursday afternoon and evening. These artists are also given the best exhibition spots and have dinner with the invited guests.

I am looking forward to meeting a lot of people who live in Colorado and who are  interested in what I am doing. I will see seeing people I have been dealing with via phone for fashion shows and various exhibits.


Come and say hello to me in Denver,
and see the new purses I am bringing.