Los Alamos, New Mexico

aboutmaggyMy love for fibers started in grade school in Austria, where I was born. At that time we still knitted our own mittens, socks and caps.  We learned embroidery and how to make aprons.  I have always been grateful for having been taught basic knowledge.  I used those skills to knit my own sweaters and sew my own clothes, while living in Ireland and Egypt.

After coming to the USA, I learned how to quilt.  I was so fascinated by the concept of quilting and its historical source, which inspired me to make my own pilgrims quilt, using my family’s old clothes.

The turning point in my career was a workshop I attended, conducted by the Santa Fe Weaving Gallery in 2006.  At the workshop I actually took classes in spontaneous design.  But I was wearing my first felted garment and was asked who made it. Wearing my own work resulted in an invitation to show my work at this well known gallery in Santa Fe. It was during that workshop that my fiber arts career in felting was launched.

Now I make mostly one-of-a-kind garments. I show my work at various galleries and shows.  My aim is to keep the essential character of the material I work with.  Raw edges and drape are some characteristic features of my work.